AutoSiteGallery is a time-saving tool to create web-based photo albums.

AutoSiteGallery can automatically create high-quality thumbnails, decrease images and convert them to JPEG, generate the linked HTML pages for thumbnails and full-size images, etc. You can customize almost any options to have the thumbnails and HTML pages designed to your liking or use the default values and have a photo album created in just a few mouse clicks.

If you know HTML, you may additionally edit the page template to customize the HTML pages in any way you like.

To help organize and annotate the album, the program shows the thumbnails of all photos.

Key features

  • organize and annotate photos with use the thumbnail view
  • high-quality thumbnail maker (uses the Lanczos3 algorithm)
  • generate HTML pages for thumbnails and full-size images
  • fully customizable HTML pages (using the templates)
  • images batch conversion to JPEG
  • images batch renaming
  • easy-to-use thumbnail software
Latest version: 2.04

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