How to convert a Adobe Lightroom Preset to LUT file

You can use the Briz LUT Converter to convert a Adobe Lightroom Preset to LUT file.

First of all, you should create the hald image, just open Briz LUT Converter and click the "Generate Hald Image" top menu item. The TIFF format is preferable.

Then you should open the hald image in Adobe Lightroom and select the preset that you want to convert. You should disable all transforms that can damage the hald image (Detail, Lens Corrections, Transform, Effects).

Then export the color graded half image, the TIFF format is preferable (sRGB, 8 bits, no compression).

And finally, you can open the color graded half image as LUT file in Briz LUT Converter and export it in any LUT format or ICC profile.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this software.