Briz Colors Matcher

Briz Colors Matcher lets you to create a 3D LUT file that adjusts color grading of one image to a reference image.

It can be useful to match colors of different cameras in multiple-camera shots, vfx, or to create video projects from clips with dissimilar colors.

The software performs the main color correction automatically and lets you make fine-tune adjustments. The created 3D LUT file can be saved in any common LUT format.

Current version: 1.00

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Supported file formats

3D Luts: Cube 3D, 3DL, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Autodesk Lustre, Truelight, Nucoda, Cine-tal, Iridas, Codex, Clipster, Technicolor, Luther, Colorfront OSD, Fusion, Baselight, Pandora, Scratch, Quantel, PixelFarm PFClean

Images: DPX, TIFF, Jpeg, BMP

To convert LUT files, you can use our LUT conversion software.

Screenshots :

Briz Colors Matcher screenshot
Before correction

Briz Colors Matcher screenshot
After correction