Briz Chart Video Player User's Manual

About Briz Chart Video Player

Briz Chart Video Player is a handy solution to present statistical data related to videos, such as TV ratings.

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How to use Briz Chart Video Player

Open a video file

At the beginning you need to open a video file.

Load a data related to video file

Then you need to load a data related to the opened video file.

Click on the Load Data button to open the Load Chart Data dialog.

The Start Translation Time option synchronizes the video and data. It specifies when the video file was started relatively your data.

If your data contains the time only, do not specify the date field in Start Translation Time option:

If your data contains the date & time, specify the both fields in this option:

Load a data from a database

Connect to the database, select a table that contains the data.

Select a Time Field. This field should contain the time or date & time that specifies the X coordinate of the data point.

Select a Data Field. This field should contain integer or real values that specify the Y coordinate of the data point.

You can select more than one data field. Each field will present a separate data serie.

Play video

When the data are loaded, you can click Play button to start playing the video file.

The vertical black line on the chart shows the current time point of the playing video file. You can click on the chart to move it.

You can use Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons or the mouse wheel to zoom the chart.

Save the loaded data

To save the loaded data, you can click the Save the chart data button.

The data is saved to the file that will be have the path and name same as the video file and the .bcd extension. The data will be loaded automatically when the video file is opened next time.