Briz Camera Calibrator

Briz Camera Calibrator is a handy tool to match colors of two or more cameras for multi-camera shooting or broadcasting.

It lets you to easily create a 3D LUT file that adjusts colors of one camera to another camera or to the standard reference colors using camera shots with ColorChecker.

The software supports ColorChecker Classic (Macbeth ColorChecker) and ColorChecker Digital SG color rendition charts.

The created 3D LUT file can be saved in any common LUT format.

Current version: 1.00

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Supported file formats

3D Luts: Cube 3D, 3DL, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Autodesk Lustre, Truelight, Nucoda, Cine-tal, Iridas, Codex, Clipster, Technicolor, Luther, Colorfront OSD, Fusion, Baselight, Pandora, Scratch, Quantel, PixelFarm PFClean

Images: DPX, TIFF, Jpeg, BMP

To convert LUT files, you can use our LUT conversion software.

Briz Camera Calibrator screenshot

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