AVI Joiner User's Manual

About AVI Joiner

AVI Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to join multiple AVI files into one larger AVI file.

AVI Joiner can join multiple AVI files without recompression that allows you to join AVI files quickly and without any reducing quality. It also can convert joined files using any installed video and audio codecs.

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Download AVI Joiner

How to use AVI Joiner

To join AVI files

  1. Click Add Files, and select files.
  2. Rearrange the files if need.
  3. Click Join Files, and select the output file.


To rearrange files, you can use the Move Up and Move Down commands or drag-and-drop files by mouse.

To view an selected file, you can use the Play command.

Trial notification

AVI Joiner is available for a free 7-day evaluation period. Users who decide to continue using the program should purchase and register the software.

Please see our web site for the latest pricing and purchase methods.

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